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Project financed by the Ministry of ScienceInnovation and Universities (Spain) (CTM2017-82929-R)

Atmospheric particulate matter (PM), also called atmospheric aerosols, is a mixture of solid and liquid particles that enter in the atmosphere from natural or anthropogenic causes. PM importance lies in its role in the lower part of the atmosphere, that is directly related with the climate change. Laser Induction Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) technique is an ablation process that permit the characterization of materials through their elemental composition. LIBS will be essential to help us to analyze the atmospheric aerosols that can be very interesting for the study of the interpretation of the melting glaciers and icebergs. The data obtained in the Gabriel de Castilla Spanish research base will have an important scientific value. The technique of LIBS will allow us to characterize the samples of aerosols and determine its origin. This will allow us to advance in the knowledge of the general atmospheric circulation in the high latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere.